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Conditional Transformations are live!




Your business might be receiving hundreds of images with different characteristics (height, width, aspect ratio, etc.) from various sources every day. These could be from your users, photographers, stock photography websites, graphics team, and other sources. And these images must fit into the set dimensions available on your platform (website, apps, etc.).

This makes standard transformations unsuitable for the varied images received. Conditional Transformations allow you to specify conditions based on the input image's properties and the transformation to be done if a condition is met or not, directly in the image URL.

A standard transformation URL looks something like: [,h-300/default-image.jpg ]

However, when you use Conditional Transformation, your URL will look like: [,w-200,if-else,w-300,if-end/default-image.jpg ]

You can read more about this feature here.