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Delivering perfect videos got even simpler with Video API's beta release




We have added a ton of updates and improved the performance of our Video API to help you deliver perfect video experiences on websites and mobile devices.

1. Resize and crop videos in real-time

With this update, you can now resize and crop your videos to the exact size that you want in real-time. You don't need a fancy video player for this. Just add the corresponding parameters to your video URL and tailor your videos to every device, layout, or social media.

Want a video resized for mobile?

Or create a vertical video for Instagram stories?,h-600

Adapting videos for different requirements has never been easier.

Read the complete documentation here.

2. Extensive overlay capabilities to personalize videos at scale

From adding your brand watermark to your videos to overlaying text or subtitles to creating a picture-in-picture video, we have covered it all. The reworked overlay transformations offer a broader range of capabilities for customizing and personalizing your videos at scale without needing a dedicated video player.

Want to add your brands' logo to the video? Here is how you will do it with ImageKit.,h-300,l-image,i-logo_HuFO6vJ2x.png,w-100,lx-10,ly-10,l-end


Read the complete docs here

3. Adaptive Bitrate Streaming has never been easier

You can now deliver Youtube or Vimeo-like streaming experiences that adapt to your user's network and device capabilities in no time. No need to set up extensive pipelines or webhooks and wait for several minutes to stream your videos.

Using ImageKit's URL-based ABS implementation, you can now generate the required manifest files for both DASH and HLS streaming protocols with different resolutions in near real-time. We take care of generating and delivering the video fragments for you.

Here is how you will generate an HLS manifest file with 360p and 480p video resolutions with ImageKit.

And, you can combine other transformations like overlays to generate video fragments in line with your brand requirements.

Read the complete docs here

4. GIF to MP4, thumbnail creation, trimming support, and more!

You can now convert GIFs to MP4 videos and use them with video tags to get a significantly smaller file that helps improve page load time and user experience.

You can also create static image thumbnails for your video from any frame and transform them to your layout's requirements. Or, you can step it up and engage your customers with video previews created using the trim video URL parameters.

Here is an example of a 5 second video preview that starts at 10 seconds in the original video, resized to 400x400px,h-400,so-10,du-5

Read the complete docs here

As a part of this update, we have also increased the video processing limit to 300MB and made it configurable on Enterprise plans.

If you face any issues while using these features or have a question or suggestion, please reach out to us at