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Restricted API for better control




To protect your digital assets stored in the Media Library from programmatic access via APIs and prevent actions such as accidental deletions, we have launched Restricted APIs in ImageKit. This feature lets you define the developer's access levels with the API key.

You can create a restricted API with either of the three access levels - 'None', 'Read only', and 'Read and Write' - which restricts the APIs accessible using that key. Know more about the permission levels.

How to create Restricted API?

  • Log in to your ImageKit account.

  • Once your ImageKit dashboard is open, click on the 'Developer Options' menu.

  • Now, by clicking on 'Create New' under the 'Restricted Key' section, you can initiate the process of creating a new restricted API key.

Restricted API.png

  • Once you click the 'Create New' button, a dialogue box will open, letting you set the parameters for this new key.

Create New.png

In case you face any issues, do let us know by sending an email to