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Secure your ImageKit account with Multi-factor authentication




You must be using ImageKit on your live websites and apps. Multiple users might access the ImageKit dashboard, the central place for all your media uploads, external origin configurations, delivery settings, and more. Keeping the dashboard secure therefore is of utmost importance.

While having a strong password helps secure access to the dashboard, we have now added multi-factor authentication to ImageKit.

How to enable MFA?

  1. If you have Administrator privileges on your ImageKit account, you can enforce MFA for all the users in your account from the User Management page.

  2. Every user can enable MFA for their account from their User Profile page.

How does MFA in ImageKit work?

Once MFA is enabled for your account, either by the account administrator or on your own, ImageKit would send a unique code to the email ID associated with your account after you enter the correct login password.


You will need to provide this unique code in the form that comes up on the next screen to access the dashboard.

If you face any issues while using these features or have a question or suggestion, please reach out to us at